This is one way for me to reach out to those who are close to me but far away. There also just is not enough time and space to talk about God and Family. But this is one place I can do it whenever I like. I also like to write but need more opportunity to practice.


One thought on “About

  1. Maria S

    Marlon! Hi! Have thought to write you a couple times since deleting ig, but haven’t figured out how, finally clicked on your ig link (as good as it got not being able to login) and here you are, sorta kinda! Anyway, this is Maria, from Alaska (from WA ;]) and I wanted to say we’ll be driving through, hopefully, down to MI, this June. Prob Canada won’t let us meet up, but on some off chance, thought I’d message. Feel free to email me back, at etomaria@protonmail.com, or my number is 907 280 9711 (plus 1 prob, I dunno how intercountry stuff works for us)


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